Best Value

Best Value from Car Service Repair Shop

Have you ever spent money on a service, had high expectations for it, got the work done and weren’t quite happy with the results? I think all of us have had that happen at one time or another. At AutoTec we give you excellent service at fair prices. We won’t be the cheapest auto repair service company and we pride ourselves on not being the most expensive. What we do give you is expert work, years of experience, honest advice and fair pricing.

When we can spot a problem ahead of time, for example, advise you that your water pump is about to go out, then that information could save your engine. A water pump circulates coolant through the engine block. If the engine overheats and isn’t repaired quickly then your engine could be severely damaged. That’s where our value comes in. We’ll let you know ahead of time, for example, how much is left on your brake pads or if a warning came up when we hooked your car up to the electronic analyzer. Another example would be to tell you that the 15,000 mile car service is VERY important. That one alone can help to extend your cars’ life for thousands of miles. In addition to doing oil changes and lube jobs we look at the overall condition of your car and let you know if there is something you should know about. That can equate to saving hundreds of dollars and extending the life of your vehicle.

On almost every Yelp review we have been given 5 stars. We have earned those rates for a reason.

We aren’t trying to brag; the bottom line is that we care, we try to help when we can and we’re honest. Please contact us to set up an appointment.