Engine Rebuild or Engine Replacement

Rebuilt engine or engine replacement from AutoTec in CampbellRebuilding an engine can be a great alternative to replacing one. Generally speaking, rebuilding an engine can be a big task, but one that might be worth the money.

The difficulty of an engine rebuild can vary greatly depending on the exact model of the engine and the condition of the rest of the car.

Most engine failures can be avoided by doing routine service and maintenance.

What are the most common causes of engine failure?

  • Heat. Whether it’s a failure of the cooling system to keep the engine at an optimal operating temperature, or a lack of oil pressure or clean oil to lubricate moving parts which creates excess friction, most major engine failures can be traced back to these events. If the engine overheats, it’s common for head gaskets to fail which introduces coolant inside the engine block within oil galleys. This dilutes the engine oil and causes a lack of lubrication, or excessive heat.
    • Water pump was broken
    • Heater core was clogged
    • Thermostat was broken
    • Oil pump was damaged
    • Oil level was low
    • Engine oil was old, too thick, and lost lubricity

Knowing what caused the engine to fail is the first step in determining whether or not the engine should be rebuilt or if the engine should be replaced.

Talk to us at AutoTec if you are thinking that your engine may need to be replaced. AutoTec has years of experience in helping customers determine if they should keep their car, rebuild their engine or if it’s time to get a new vehicle.