Mufflers and Exhaust Systems

Many people notice their car’s muffler making sounds before it breaks down and becomes a noisy nuisance. That’s a good time to involve a mechanic.

Autotec in Campbell San Jose can service many makes and models of mufflers and exhaust systemsA muffler is designed with perforated tubes or baffled chambers. When sound waves travel through perforated tubes or the baffle chambers, they create opposing sound waves that partially cancel out the original sound waves. The exhaust system as a whole functions to affect the performance of the car’s engine also. The faster the exhaust flows through the exhaust system and out of the car, the quicker the engine can take in the new oxygen necessary to burn more fuel. A highly efficient exhaust system creates the possibility of a very powerful engine and a very fast car which is why it’s such an important component of a well-running engine.

While exhaust system components are as technologically advanced as ever, they are still susceptible to corrosion and damage. The higher the mileage, the greater likelihood your vehicle will be in need of muffler and/or exhaust system repair and maintenance.

Signs that your vehicle may be experiencing muffler or exhaust problems:

Image of how a catalytic converter works

Image of how a catalytic converter works in a car

  • You see blue smoke in your exhaust when you start your engine.
  • You hear a loud, low-pitched rumbling.
  • Your vehicle fails its emissions test.

AutoTec can help to troubleshoot what is going on with your muffler or exhaust system. Please contact us to schedule a time to bring in your vehicle.