Lead Automotive Technician

Carlos is the newest member to join the Auto Tec team. He joined AutoTec in April 2017. He would have joined the team sooner but it took Don a year to convince him to join the company. Carlos has been working on cars since 2008. He is described as the ambassador of the shop. His auto repair knowledge is only matched by his co-workers; they all confer with each other on tough projects. Carlos is dedicated, a hard worker and likes to work behind the scene.

Carlos describes AutoTec as being a different auto repair shop than ones he has worked at previously. Some shops have a “pecking order” and other shops will have employees who are possessive of the cars they work on. But AutoTec is different, Carlos says. AutoTec works as a team – they collaborate – and he loves that about working with these people. He says it’s as if you are working with your best friends. Carlos loves what he does too and it shows in the quality of his work.

Carlos has been living in the bay area for about 18 years, is happily married to a beautiful wife and they had a son in 2016.