5 star rating from Yelp
My car A/C died during the heatwave, and I discovered that my regular mechanic of the last 10 years had gone out of business permanently due to the pandemic. I checked out the local options and decided to give Auto Tec a try. Both the front desk guy Don and the technician Mario were awesome to work with. Mario went for a brief (masked!) test drive with me, explained that the hissing sound was likely low Freon levels, and Don provided an accurate and detailed estimate. They fixed it while I was there so I never had to call for a ride home. The price was reasonable and there was neither a hint of condescension for my lack of knowledge about cars nor an attempt to upsell me on other services.

A couple months later, I brought my car back for an oil change and a broken turn signal. They found that my car was burning oil. Before doing any other work on it, called me, showed me, and gave me some honest recommendations about what to do next (get a new car…preferably a Toyota), and refused payment for their time. The sad part is that I did end up getting a new car with comprehensive service plans, so I will probably not be going back to Auto Tec for a while, but I will absolutely recommend them to anyone who does need a mechanic. Honest, friendly, and reliable – it doesn’t get much better than this.