5 star rating from Yelp

To be honest, I’ve only recently starting going to the guys at Auto Tec. I brought 2 different cars and had wonderful experience for both. I was glad that they were straight forward about the issues I had.

First one was a GMC Canyon truck that I brought in because of a brake issue. I was hearing sharp sounds at one point and was worried about the brake pad. When I took the truck to other shops, most of them were saying I need to change brake pad & roters out, which will cost nearly 1k. However, when I brought it to Auto Tec, they told me that my pads had more than 40% left and rotors were fine. It was just a rusty spot on of the parts that was making the sharp sound. I was told that they will try lubricating it and see if it helps, or else I can either just use it or change the brake pads out. As I was already in process of selling the car, I wasn’t worried much as there are no issues either way.

Today, I brought in a Chrysler 300c, which I recently bought the vehicle. Although the car has very low mileage but was a rental, I wanted to bring it to a shop that I can really trust. They just got back saying the car is in good condition, with just the brake fluid needing flush.

Again, thanks to all the guys at the shop, I’m glad I found a place that I can regularly take my car in for maintenance/repairs. 5/2/2018