5 star rating from Yelp
I’m new to taking my car for service. I had to search yelp and read through many reviews before I decided on Autotec. I liked how they were called “honest”.

I’m so happy I took the car to them. Don, Ray, and Ricardo were very nice and efficient. I got a quick look under the hood of the car and learned quite a bit. These things are intimidating to someone with no experience but now I feel more confident about taking care of things, like filling up the wiper fluid, by myself.

They explained the service to me in detail and did not have any hidden charges. I got a copy of what was done and they saved one in their records. This will definitely help when I go for back for the next service.

Thank you! Giving you 5 stars on yelp is the least I can do. I was honestly nervous about the car service and now I’ve been sharing my new-found enthusiasm for taking care of the car and how it’s not that obscure after all. 🙂 – 10/28/2017