Car Battery Issues

Car batteries primary function to help to start the engine. Without battery power your car wouldn’t start. A vehicle battery also stores energy generated by the alternator, stabilizes the voltage (energy supply), and runs secondary electrical systems in addition to other components in your vehicle.

Car battery maintenance from AutoTec in CampbellBattery maintenance

  • Remove corrosion.
  • Check the alternator belt tension and wear.
  • Supply and installation of replacement battery.

Battery Troubleshooting

The following are common indications that you may need a new battery or that there is something else going on with your battery:

  • Your vehicle won’t start.
  • Your vehicle makes a clicking noise, but won’t start.
  • The vehicle is silent when you turn the key in the ignition.
  • The battery keeps running down or dying.
  • The battery seems weak and fails to crank your engine normally.
  • If your car dies while it is running, it may not be a battery problem; it could be an alternator problem.

Pictures of different car batteries that AutoTec in Campbell can help to service in cars

AutoTec can help to troubleshoot what is going on with your car battery. Please contact us to schedule a time to bring in your vehicle.